Identification of Specification Management

specification management

Identification of Specification Management


Specification Management
Specification Management

After going through some definitions we get some elements that can be called basic

Management Features: Management is a goal-oriented

Process: An organization has a set of basic goals which are The root cause of its existence. it should be simple and clearly stated. Different organizations have different goals. For

For example, retail stores target to increase sales, but The goal of the Spastic Society India has to provide education

Children with special needs. Unifies management efforts of different people in the organization towards achieving these goals.


Management is comprehensive:


Activities Involved in Management one enterprise common to all Whether the organization is financial, social, or political. a petrol pump needs to be managed as a hospital or a school. Managers in India, USA, Germany, and Japan are the same. how they do it might be enough Different. this difference is payable to differences in culture, Tradition, and History.

Management is multidimensional: Management is one complex activity consisting of three key aspects. This:

Management of work: All exist for the organization’s performance of a task. In One Factory, One Product

The patient is treated. Management translates this work into term


People Management:

Human resources or people are the biggest assets of an organization. Despite all the developments in technology “working through people” is still a major task for the manager. There are two dimensions to managing people, It implies treating employees as individuals with diverse needs and attitudes;

It also means treating individuals as a group of people. The function of management is to make people work towards achieving the goals of the organization by making their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant.

Operations Management:


No matter what the organization is, it has some basic product or service to provide.

Survived. This requires a production process that involves

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