Stanford University Admission Apply

Stanford University Admission Apply


Stanford University Admission Apply
Stanford University Admission Apply

Stanford University Admission Apply is more selective than 90% of institutions in the United States. Stanford University Admission selection criteria value both leadership skills and technical aptitude in candidates. The average acceptance rate for Stanford courses is 8% for undergraduate programs and 3.9% for graduate programs.

Stanford application deadlines are general and not intake-specific. When applying to Stanford, you can choose your preferred intake session—fall, spring, or winter. Some courses are also available in the summer term. The university charges an application fee of 90 USD (~6710 INR) for undergraduate courses and 125 USD (~9310 INR) for graduate courses except for MBA.

Tips for Indian Students: There is no coursework or minimum score required to secure admission to programs at Stanford, however, you must maintain an average GPA of 3.96. Additionally, Stanford considers class rank to be “very important” when making admissions decisions. The university’s Class of 2025 had a record 96% of graduates who ranked in the top 10% of their graduating class.


Stanford University admissions are more selective than 90% of institutions in the United States.

Stanford University Application Deadline
The admissions cycle for Stanford programs begins in October for degree programs, except for the Stanford MBA, for which admission begins in August. Application deadlines for Stanford courses differ for undergraduate, master’s, MBA, and doctoral programs. Prospective students must submit their admission applications before the deadline as Stanford University does not accept late applications.

Admission Date Dec./15/2022 April/1/2023
Student Reply Date May/1/2023 May/1/2023


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M.S Aeronautics and Astronautics
M.S Computational and Mathematical Engineering
M.S Mechanical Engineering
M.S Electrical Engineering
M.S Computer Science
M.S Applied Physics
M.B.A Finance
M.S Computational and Mathematical Engineering – Data Science
M.S Computational and Mathematical Engineering – Finance

Stanford University Interview Process

An interview session is not a mandatory stage for every applicant. It is case-specific and conducted by invitation only. Interviews are conducted with Stanford alumni in your area. The interview will allow them to learn more about you, but also give you an opportunity to learn more about Stanford.
When are interviews conducted?
If you are selected for the interview session, the alumni of the university will contact you through email or phone. You can connect with them and fix a suitable time and place for the interview session.

graduate interview

• Interview for Early Preventive Action: First few weeks of November.

  • Round 1: Late September to late November
  • Round 2: mid-January to mid-March
  • Round 3: Late April to mid-May


Stanford University Selection Criteria


Stanford University’s selection criteria are highly selective. University Rank The following academic factors are highly important:

  • class rank
  • Course Stiffness
  • Standardized Test Scores

That being said, an exceptional academic score or 700+ GMAT score is not enough. Your application should portray a well-rounded and balanced academic profile that complements the curriculum of the Stanford student community. This is why the Stanford selection committee places so much importance on admissions essays. As a part of the non-academic factor, essays help in gaining insight into the student’s thoughts and expectations for the future.

 Stanford admission requirements, the university looks for factors such as


  • Volunteer work / extra-curricular activities
  • First Generation Students
  • Geographical residence and ethnic status
  • Alumni/AE Relations
  • Paid Work Experience
  • Character/personal qualities

International students often worry that Stanford may reject them because of their financial status. However, it is one of the very few US universities to extend need-based scholarship opportunities to US and non-US students like.


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