The joys and sorrows of paper and pen

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 Paper and pen happiness


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paper and pen
paper and pen


In the olden days, the King Maharaja used to get the condition of his time written on stone pieces and pillars,

Then people started writing in big size leaves but there was no paper at that time, if there were some other means, then they could not last long, later on became paper and books started writing a complete book from handwriting and then it took a lot of time in reaction to copy it. The great texts Ramayana and gratitude were first written in the handwriting U itself.

written books


Therefore, our relationship with this is many years old, but even today in the hi-tech era, it has become difficult to send a letter to anyone by writing SMS, email or any other modern means, it has become very easy to say your point of view. That the person would not be able to enjoy his writing until he would not study regularly, wrote a novel Samrat Premchand organized a poem by famous poet Bhavani Prasad Mishra, he felt a few lines.

read something and write something


After reading something, after reading something from the place where he was awake, therefore, we face almost the same pain, we are in trouble with someone or the other, whether our parents, friends or children, then why not children make peace. British Logical held in stock entry The secretary of the society told that no matter how sad you are to write about your problems, it reduces your immunity, as well as if you have had any surgery, they also increase. According to experts, this is another program to prove this point. For him,

keep the time in the society at 3:30 people, one group was asked to write light things and the second group was asked to write about the question of life, a small wound was made on the hands of all the people involved, after 3 days those who were about to bow the highway and their wounds were to be healed. The pace was fast. In an interview given to the online news website, the sister of the College of London says that many people are half cured after talking to the doctor, so what are the benefits of writing the end, then add them to the pleasant and exciting things.

Do it because if we fall into these things in our leisure time, then our happiness will have no place.

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