Transfer Certificate Application

What is a Transfer certificate application?


Migration Certificate
Migration Certificate


As friends, it is known by the name itself. The migration certificate is a no-objection letter. You get this letter after passing the 10 classes.


Transfer certificate application: Class 12th and the second one you get when you pass out from college or change your college. Then you get it. Migration certificate means migration certificate in Hindi. If you want to do half your studies in one college and want to do the rest in another college, then there is no objection to this college, you can do it without any hindrance.

I sincerely hope that now you must have fully understood what is migration certificate kya hota hai


How to make Migration Certificate kaise milta hai.


Friends, if you want to get this migration certificate or from where you get migration, then you can get it in two ways.

  1. Online – Online Yes, you can also take this certificate online, for this you have to see whether the college in which you have studied gives the facility to take this certificate online or not. If it gives, then you can go to the website of that university and apply by filling the online form. If the college in which you did your studies, if that university does not provide this facility, then you can go to your college and apply offline only.


  1. Offline. It is very easy to take this migration certificate in offline, in this you have to go to your college and go there and fill the migration certificate form and also the recommendation letter of the college you want to go to. Will have to make Then you will have to submit both of these in the university. And for more information, you can talk to the Principal of your college, this will make your work even easier.

When your migration certificate is made, then submit it to the college in which you want to take the exam and keep a copy of your migration certificate with you. So that if you need it later, you will not face any kind of problem.

Application for tc by parents


Friends, there are two types of migration certificates.

  1. Inter College Migration Certificate: – This is one such certificate. Whenever you transfer from one school or college to another school or college, then a certificate is required in it. So we call it Inter College Migration Certificate.


  1. Inter-University Migration Certificate: – This is such a certificate when you transfer your education from one university to another, then the certificate used in it is called Inter University Migration Certificate.



Why migration certificate is needed migration certificate ki kyu hoti hai.


A migration certificate is needed then and this migration certificate kaha se milta hai if we want to move our school or college from one place to another. Then we need a migration certificate. No other school or college will give you admission without the migration certificate.


Migration certificate after 12th


If it depends on your school or college, how much fees they charge you. But if I tell you from a guess, if you apply for the migration certificate apply online offline, then your fee can be at least up to Rs 300. And if you apply online, then this fee can be 500 or even more, so the best and most accurate way is to apply for your migration certificate by going to your school or college.

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